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If you encounter bug please report it on mailing list. If we cannot reproduce it we will need your help ! To reproduce and solve the bug we need several information:

Before to read error and warning messages within Javascript Console you must activate javascript options.
Type in your URL bar about:config and in the search bar type javascript.

Now switch both following javascript options to true:

Normally bugs from the extension come from files within path chrome://duplicates/content/****. Copy and paste them within your email. If we need more information we will ask you.

Firefox2 and previous : The error message "A script in this page may be busy, or ..." is due to a big Bookmarks. To avoid it you need to increase script execution time in about:config with parameter dom.max_script_run_time. Default value is 5 seconds.

It is possible to find incompatibility with other extension. If you don't see javascript error or XUL error try to disable extension installed on your configuration to verify which is incompatible with BookmarkDD.
Add Bookmark Here is not compatible with BookmarkDD anf Firefox2.
It is recommended to restart firefox if you just have sync your bookmarks before to search duplicate bookmarks.

Thank you to help me improve extension compatibility.

Latest bugs filed for bookmarkdd

Bug #Description
26128 Module must be signed
25555 BookmarkDD does not work at all anymore
24709 FF10 compatibility
24548 FF8 compatibility
24445 FF 7 Compatibility
24242 Silly "duplicate" warnings
24130 Support Firefox 5.x
23658 warnings
23210 FF 4 beta support
22693 Duplicate Detector not offering folder to eliminate duplicate

To receive access to edit bugs for this project, please contact the project owner.

The bookmarkdd project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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