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What's New
  • 2011-11-10: 1.0.7 available.
  • 2011-09-29: 1.0.6 available.
  • Author: Stéphane Bertin
  • Icon designer: Luana Di Muzio
  • XUL code optimization and icon designer: Leszek(teo)┼╗yczkowski
  • ar: Nassim J Dhaher
  • bg-BG: stoyan
  • ca-AD: Opakoman
  • cs: XXXXX
  • cs-CZ: The Zero
  • da: Finn Sørensen
  • de: ReinekeFux
  • el: Sonickydon
  • es-AR: MorZilla
  • es-ES: Proyecto Nave
  • fa-IR: ahoora_f1
  • fi-FI: Akilles
  • fr: Stéphane Bertin and La Luciole
  • fy-NL: moZes
  • hr-HR: Krcko
  • hu-HU: kami
  • is-IS: Sveinki
  • it-IT: Luana Di Muzio (BabelZilla)
  • ja-JP: Kenji Inoue
  • ko-KR: Kim Hunmin
  • nl-NL: moZes
  • pl-PL: Leszek(teo)┼╗yczkowski
  • pt-BR: Teboga
  • pt-PT: Jose Francisco Pascoal
  • ro-RO: ultravioletu
  • ru-RU: lcraFTl
  • sk-SK: SlovakSoft
  • sr: DakSrbija
  • sv-SE: Dan Pettersson and StiffeL
  • tr-TR: Zeki Çelikbas
  • uk-UA: MozUA
  • vi: XXXXX
  • zh-CN: fiag and blackdire
  • zh-TW: josesun
Past Contributors
  • firefox 1.5 support added by Stefano Caselli
  • Extension's creator: Paradox
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This is the official web site of Bookmark Duplicate Detector extension.

You can use mailing list to report bugs and ask features. And if you want to contribute or to be informed of new versions you can subscribe to it.

Firefox7 support

The new version (1.0.7) adds support to Fx8.0. This version only provides the search Duplicates fonctionality without the possibility to AUTOMATICALLY delete duplicates within same folder or in specified folder.
Detection of duplicate bookmark in real time (means when you add bookmark) is available.


BookmarkDD is a very useful extension that helps you manage your bookmarks. It notices you when duplicate bookmark is added, specify where is the previous URL. There is also a window to manage all duplicate bookmarks already in your bookmarks.

What's new in NEW branch 1.0 :

TODO list

Required features


The bookmarkdd project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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